ALCO-Safe partners with Ultimate Resurgence to localise supply and repair of Lion breathalyser equipment in Ghana

19 Aug 2019

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ALCO-Safe, supplier of drug and alcohol testing equipment and accessories throughout Africa, has partnered with Ultimate Resurgence to localise the supply, calibration and repair of Lion breathalysers in Ghana. This partnership ensures organisations in Ghana have access to quality, cost effective breathalyser equipment from a global leading brand, with all of the benefits of a locally held warranty, support, maintenance and repair. 

“One of the biggest issues faced by organisations in West Africa is that they often have to send equipment overseas to have it repaired or maintained.

This is costly and time consuming. In the case of safety equipment like breathalysers, which need to be calibrated every six months, it means that equipment is out of commission for months at a time. By partnering with Ultimate Resurgence , we have localised this functionality, reducing the time taken from months to just a few days,” explains Rhys Evans, Managing Director at ALCO-Safe. 

Ultimate Resurgence was a natural fit for a partnership, as they had an existing customer base with mining and construction in the region. They also had laboratories set up and were already receiving requests to assist with calibration and repair of breathalyser equipment. This was an opportunity for Ultimate Resurgence to expand their business and provides a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby ALCO-Safe now has a local presence in West Africa. 

“For organisations in Ghana it is now easier for them to purchase equipment locally and have the backup of support and service in country. There is now a local, reliable agent to hold warranties and repair and replace faulty equipment. This gives both ALCO-Safe and Ultimate Resurgence a significant competitive edge in the market,” Evans adds. 

After conducting training in South Africa, Ultimate Resurgence are now the authorised agent for sales, repairs and calibration in Ghana for Lion breathalyser equipment. 


Edited by Creamer Media Reporter