Boost equipment efficiency with Astron Energy’s LubeWatch programme

22 Sep 2023

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In the world of business, efficiency is key. Every minute of downtime and unexpected equipment failure can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. Astron Energy understands the significance of equipment reliability and the role it plays in your business success. That’s why it offers LubeWatch, an oil analysis programme designed to enhance your business operations and track the performance of your equipment.

LubeWatch is a comprehensive oil analysis programme meticulously crafted to cater to a business’s specific needs. It serves as a critical component in any equipment maintenance strategy, allowing you to monitor the performance of your machinery with pinpoint accuracy and even eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure.

The Benefits of Oil Cleanliness

Oil cleanliness offers crucial advantages, including improved equipment life. Through regular oil analysis and monitoring of the changing environment within your equipment, LubeWatch enables you to extend the life of your equipment significantly. This means less frequent replacements and a more cost-effective operation.

Meanwhile, enhanced maintenance planning offers accurate insights into your equipment’s condition, enabling you to schedule maintenance tasks more efficiently. You can also minimise costly downtime and reduce the risk of sudden, catastrophic failures that can disrupt your business operations.

Astron Energy places your equipment’s health in the hands of experts. Trusted industry leader WearCheck is responsible for conducting the oil analysis, while their unparalleled expertise ensures the reliability and accuracy of the data, letting you make informed decisions about your machinery.

One unique benefit of the LubeWatch programme is that all analysis results are shared not only with you but also with the Astron Energy Technical Team. These experts act as an additional layer of support, reaching out to you directly in the event of potential issues. This proactive approach provides your business with invaluable support, helping you to avoid costly disruptions.

IsoClean Fluid Reliability Programme

In addition to LubeWatch, Astron Energy offers the IsoClean Fluid Reliability Programme. This comprehensive initiative focuses on maintaining product integrity and fluid conditioning services. It ensures that your fluids consistently meet and maintain the desired cleanliness standards, which are critical for business efficiency.

The programme includes the following steps:

  • Onsite sampling and analysis: We begin with a detailed analysis of your fluids’ condition on your premises.
  • Developing a corrective action plan: Based on the analysis, we tailor a corrective action plan to your specific business needs.
  • Presenting the plan: We present the plan to you, discussing the necessary actions to maintain optimal fluid cleanliness.
  • Implementation and monitoring: Once the plan is in place, we actively implement and monitor it, ensuring that your fluid consistently meets the desired standards.

Maintaining the correct fluid cleanliness level is a critical aspect of ensuring equipment success. Improper fluid cleanliness can result in increased wear, decreased equipment efficiency and shortened component service life. Our checklist for proper fluid storage and handling standards provides your business with the guidance needed to avoid these pitfalls.

Don’t let equipment failures and unexpected downtime hinder your business operations. Partner with Astron Energy’s LubeWatch and IsoClean Fluid Reliability Programme to maximise the efficiency and reliability of your machinery. Our expert teams are available to support your business and ensure a smoother, more cost-effective future.

Edited by Creamer Media Reporter