Envass - Women in Industry

25 Aug 2023

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Shelley van Rensburg - Financial Manager

Main Activity of Company: Optimisation and contribution of the development of the financial strategy and processes of the company, aligning financial decisions with the company’s long-term goals and objectives in order to facilitate informed decision-making and manage financial risks.
Date of birth: 8 September, in Harare, Zimbabwe
Education: Brits Orbit FET Business College
Management Style: By combining different elements of a democratic and a transformational management style I create a dynamic approach that fosters innovation, engagement and productivity by encouraging open communication with my team. I value the input of each team member in certain decision-making processes while inspiring and motivating team members to reach their full potential and achieve exceptional results. The key lies in continuous learning, self-awareness and willingness to evolve one’s management style as the organisational landscape changes.
Personal best achievement: Promotion to Financial Manager
Person you would most like to meet: Robert Kiyosaki
Philosophy of life: Every setback is an opportunity to learn and rebound stronger than before. Instead of letting hardships define me, I choose to define my response to them. With each challenge, I harness the power of resilience to transform difficulties into steppingstones, to bend without breaking.
Message for other women leaders in the SA business community: Your presence is a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the strength, resilience and intelligence that defines you. Your leadership style, rooted in empathy and collaboration, has the power to transform workplaces into nurturing environments where innovation thrives and individuals flourish. In the face of challenges, let your determination be unwavering. Every obstacle encountered is a chance to rise, to demonstrate the unyielding tenacity that has propelled you to where you stand today. Draw strength from your accomplishments and use them as a springboard to reach even greater heights.


Jana Liebenberg - Business Unit Manager: Authorisations

Main Activity of Company: Environmental Services within all industry sectors.  
Date of birth: 10 February, in Pretoria
Education: Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Environmental Management
Management Style: Assess the situation before deciding on the approach and action to be taken.
Personal best achievement: My personal best career achievement would be obtaining my degree while working full time. It took a lot of dedication, but it was well worth it in the end.
Person you would most like to meet: South African activist Professor Thuli Madonsela. She is such an inspiration, and I admire her for always being true to her core values, no matter what the challenge.
Philosophy of life: I have a few, but one that stands out for me is to never be afraid to fail or start over again. Next time, you are not starting from scratch, but from experience. Never give up.  
Message for other women leaders in the SA business community: Find a good mentor and strive to be a good mentor. Learn from your failures as well as from your achievements. Embrace opportunities, be curious and share the lessons you have learned.

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