Keeping The Line Clear With Quality Sanitation Equipment

19 Aug 2019

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Multi-faceted sanitation equipment that can jettison and vacuum from the same unit offers sanitation companies an effective solution for projects where private or public sewer and stormwater lines need to be cleared. 

Sanitation equipment manufacturer Werner Pumps SA has identified the value for its customers of equipment that can perform more than one function and that offers a degree of customisation, like the Werner IMPI 12.500l combination unit.

The Werner IMPI system has hydraulically-operated jetting and vacuum functionality and customers can choose to have their equipment mounted on either a Toyota or Nissan chassis. 

Local sanitation company Jettsewer’s CEO, John Jabu Kern says that the company’s purchase of a Werner IMPI 12.500l combination unit from Werner Pumps SA has enabled it to complete several successful projects for clients. As a local company working with a local equipment manufacturer, they have experienced the benefit of a continued relationship with Werner Pumps SA and the easy access to advice, maintenance and repairs. 

“Our understanding of the local market and needs mean we are able to create and adapt equipment that will offer real value and effectiveness to our clients,” says Sebastian Werner, MD at Werner Pumps. “We manufacture our combi-units 100% locally and tailor them to exactly what the customer needs, within their budget.”

The jetting units on the Werner IMPI allow sewers to be cleaned using a high-pressure water hose with a specialist jetting nozzle that dislodges waster and flushes it down the gully hole. The vacuuming units remove material that has been flushed down the gully hole, with water and solid waste being deposited into the sludge tank through a suction hose.

The cleaning of sewers with simultaneous jetting and vacuuming increases the efficiency of the line clearing process.  

The high-pressure pump on the Werner IMPI system has a capacity of 295l/min at 135 bar and is fitted with a pneumatically operated regulating valve, making pressure adjustment simple and contributing to operator safety.  

The vacuum pump has a 1700m3/hr suction capability and the vehicle is fitted with a 12.500 litre stainless steel tank. Other features include a hydraulic slewing suction boom, two hydraulic-driven hose reels and multiple toolboxes.


Edited by Creamer Media Reporter