Recycling jetting and vacuum unit redefining maintenance

02 Feb 2024

By: Simone Liedtke

Creamer Media Social Media Editor & Senior Writer

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With optimising operations, reducing costs and embracing ecoconscious practices being imperative in the mining industry, pumps manufacturer Werner Pumps’ truck-mounted recycling jetting and vacuuming unit not only “redefines” maintenance protocols, but also directly tackles the specific hurdles encountered by maintenance teams working in the mining sector, reports specialist high pressure jetting equipment supplier Werner Pumps sales manager George Jolly.

Unlike conventional jetting and vacuuming equipment, the Werner Pumps Amanzi Recycler Vac/Jet truck enables maintenance teams to fill the jetting tank with fresh water just once for an entire day’s operation.

By vacuuming and reusing the same water throughout a shift, the system saves up to 165 000 ℓ of clean water during a typical shift.

“This capability is particularly valuable in mining operations where constant access to fresh water may be a challenge,” he says.

Designed for the rigorous demands of the mining industry, the Werner Amanzi Recycler Vac/Jet truck provides powerful and efficient vacuum and jetting for industrial sump cleaning, slurry management and drainage system maintenance.

Jolly adds that mines, with their extensive sumps and drainage networks, require specialised solutions that can handle the scale of operations in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner.

The recycling system also enhances operational efficiency in mining applications by eliminating the need for the truck to repeatedly travel between the job site and a water source, meaning that significant savings in fuel, water and overall maintenance costs are achieved.

The hydraulic operation of the vacuum and high-pressure pumps also contributes to reduced maintenance requirements, consequently reducing downtime and associated costs.

The truck operates hydraulically off of a split shaft unit connected to the truck’s drive shaft. This design ensures that the pump can be operated at low revolutions per minute, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and efficient energy use.

Jolly further emphasises the positive reception of Werner Pumps’ recycling trucks in the mining sector.

We have supplied several recycling trucks to contractors working in municipalities and the mining industry. They all appreciate the cost and water savings the truck offers.”

Further, trucks can be manufactured to different sizes to suit specific client requirements, and the vacuum and jetting pumps can be customised to meet varying demands, Jolly adds.

The trucks can be operated wirelessly, enhancing safety for operators, with a touch screen digital control panel enabling them to customise operations.

Werner Pumps is also actively engaging with a prominent chrome mining group in South Africa, which Jolly says, underscores “the growing interest and recognition of the value these recycling systems bring to water-intensive mining processes”.

Edited by Donna Slater
Features Deputy Editor and Chief Photographer