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2010 South Africa's Electricity Industry
(PDF Report)


The brief reprieve offered to South Africa's electricity sector by the global slowdown served more to engender a false sense of electricity security than to facilitate the roll-out of additional power generation capacity, and Eskom has begun warning that the system is now facing new vulnerabilities. This report examines the state of South Africa's electricity industry and examines issues such as the current state of the country's electricity supply, investment in generation capacity and funding.


Published: 10 March 2010.



Global electricity supply  04-06

Current state of electricity supply  07-09

Investment by Eskom in generation capacity  10-15

Funding Eskom’s capital expenditure programme  16-20

Independent power producers  22-26

Transmission  27-28

Distribution  29-34

Outlook  35-36

Main sources  37-38

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