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2010 South Africa's Transport Infrastructure
(PDF Report)


This report examines the state of South Africa’s transport sector including an analysis of the policy environment and updates on major transport infrastructure projects, including road, rail, port and airport projects. With its large size and significant distances between the country’s ports and its mining and industrial hinterland, South Africa has long been dependent on its transport network to facilitate domestic economic activity and to ensure participation in international trade.


Published: 16 November 2010.



List of abbreviations 1

Key developments 2

South Africa’s transport environment 3–8

  • The evolution of South Africa’s transport infrastructure
  • Transport sector developments following deregulation

South Africa’s road network 9–16

  • The national road network
  • Funding
  • Road maintenance
  • Passenger transport by road
  • Freight transport by road
  • Projects

South Africa’s rail network 17–23

  • Overview of the rail network
  • Freight transport by rail
  • Passenger transport by rail
  • Rail maintenance
  • Funding
  • Projects

South Africa’s ports network 24–30

  • National Port Authority
    • Port operations
    • Regulatory environment
    • Funding
    • Capital projects
  • Transnet Port Terminals
    • Business segments
    • Funding
    • Capital projects

South Africa’s airport network 31–37

  • Acsa’s airport network
    • Projects
    • Projects at ACSA’s other airports
  • Airport maintenance
  • Funding

Main sources 38–39

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