Weba Chute Systems & Solutions - Materials handling across industry sectors with a strong foothold in the mining industry

30 Jul 2021

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Year of Formation and Background to Founding:
Weba Chute Systems & Solutions was founded in 1984 by Werner Baller when he purchased M&J Engineering, a small mining supply firm in South Africa specialising in underground coal mining equipment. The Weba name is derived from the first name and surname of Werner Baller. Recognising a need in the industry, Baller, a true visionary, decided to specialise in bulk material transfer. During the early 1990s, the company conducted a comprehensive study into the negative and cost-incurring aspects of conventional chute design and then set out to create a transfer chute that would eliminate these problems. This was the birth of the Weba Transfer Chute System — a streamlined, scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk material handling at transfer points.

Company Mission, Products & Services:
Our mission is to enable the efficient and safe transfer of bulk materials, to create sustainable improvements for businesses and safeguard neighbouring communities. We’re committed to lowering our carbon footprint and reducing the environmental impact of the material handling process. The Weba Cascade Chute System offers absolute control over material flow, velocity and direction decreasing maintenance and improving life expectancy. The ingenious design successfully eliminates the need for a liner to protect the chute shell, safeguarding the chute from damage by using material on material impact. Weba chutes offer multiple conveyor belt loading, ensuring maximum belt capacity usage with minimal material spillage. Instead of relying on a dead box system, the Weba Superflow Liner System uses liners with easy to replace components. This patented design drastically reduces downtime and allows for cost-effective maintenance.

Current Directors:
Mark Drummont Baller, Farouk Abrahams, Denise Abrahams and Alwin Nienaber

Number of People Employed: 114

Greatest Corporate Achievement:
Expansion of the Weba brand from a regional to a global brand.

Hope for the Future:
To continue to expand into the global markets.

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