Advanced Fire Global, HANSA-FLEX focusing on African footprint, customer commitment

14 Sep 2022

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The South African mother company of fire suppression product supplier Advanced Fire Global, Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (Advanced FST), will be co-exhibiting at this year’s Electra Mining Africa exhibition, alongside several other member companies within the group.

These include Industrial Fire and Hazard Control, Flameblock, Advanced Lubrication Systems, Irca Global, Medi Response, Rural Metro and Whip Fire.

The rationale behind this decision to co-exhibit is to “exhibit the group, and to showcase the vast array of products and services we can offer the mining and industrial sectors”.

The company is anticipating an uptake in demand for its services as operations continue to advance across various sectors. The company is hopeful the exhibition will also highlight “some of the smaller companies within the group”.

The Advanced group has built a portfolio of companies on three pillars, namely emergency response (in the form of physical firefighting and emergency response), passive firefighting as well as risk mitigating and consulting.

The recently announced strategic alliance between Advanced Fire Global and hydraulic hose and fittings manufacturer and service provider HANSA-FLEX South/Southern Africa will see customers from several industries benefitting from the companies’ African footprint and commitment to customers.

Customers in, for example, the industrial, mining and agriculture industries will benefit from HANSA-FLEX and Advanced Fire Global’s ideas and innovative solutions, which it provides via cognitive collaboration offerings.

Through the partnership, customers will have access to one solution provider, through which the two companies aim to provide multiple services. This means that customers will have one service agreement, with one company, that ensures all services are attended to.

HANSA-FLEX South/Southern Africa is an expert in the overall systems of hydraulic fluid technology and offers a full range of integrated services, from planning and consulting, engineering, and the supply of fastening elements and assembly, to hydraulic hoses and fittings, and the commissioning and training of operators.

The company’s range of more than 75 000 products is matched by Advanced Fire Global’s experience in providing one-stop fire detection, prevention, protection and mitigation services.

HANSA-FLEX South/Southern Africa, meanwhile, adds that “there is a huge appetite for the solution, particularly from a logistical point of view”.

It elaborates that, in Africa, specifically, where remote operations are abundant, customers struggle to accommodate multiple different service providers on-site – be this through service agreements, stock management or service provision, and that it therefore becomes “a logistical nightmare” for the client.

Through this partnership with HANSA-FLEX South/Southern Africa, the number of vendors on-site is reduced, ultimately easing the management of the whole operation for the customer.

What makes it unique, the companies add, is that they remain cognisant of where their specialties lie, and therefore ensure that the correct personnel are contracted for the correct application.

The expertise, however, remains with the service provider, even though it is conducted under one agreement.

“This partnership is built on more than 50 years of experience between the two companies.”