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In order to browse through Creamer Media's extensive photo library click here

Log-in using the Username: creamermediaphotos and the Password: creamermediaphotos

Then, click on the white block where it says "$ Categories";  Then click on the white arrow where it says "<-- $Categories(0)"; Then search by typing your search term in the search area at the top of the page.


Further information or assistance



It is possible to search for photographs using the search option provided. All images are low-resolution thumbnail images for selection purposes and copyright will be strictly enforced on all Creamer Media's images. High-resolution re-publishable images are only provided once payment has been received.


Please note that Creamer Media only sells photographs over which Creamer Media has copyright authority. Some of the photographs visible on Creamer Media’s websites and in its magazines are supplied by third parties and such photographs are not available for sale from Creamer Media.


Once you have selected the photographs that you wish to purchase you may either:


1. click on the basket icon under each image and collect them into the collection basket, then you may take a screenshot of the contents of the collection basket and email the screenshot as an attachment to [email protected], or


2. drag and drop the images you wish to purchase and attach these to your email to [email protected], or


3. include the names of the photographs that you wish to purchase in an email to [email protected]


Once we have received payment for the photographs that you have selected we will email you usable high resolution versions of the photographs or we can make them available to you on a CD. The price of one photograph is R750 (US$94) with the price per additional photograph being as follows, for 2-3 photos R225 (US$28) per photo, for 4-7 photos R190 (US$24) per photo and 8+ photos R160 (US$20) per photo. All rates, quoted in South African Rand, exclude 14% VAT.


If you wish to re-publish photos, credit should be given as follows "From Creamer Media at"


If you need any assistance with purchasing photographs from Creamer Media please email [email protected] or call +27 11 622 3744 extension 227 during office hours.

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