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Creamer Media Contract Publishing partners and assists with companies to manage and host webinars.


Creamer Media Contract Publishing boasts an average 44% attendance rate on the webinars it hosts. Attendees tend to stay in the session for 45 mins (average), with sessions averaging around 103 minutes per webinar.


Most attendees hear about, and subsequently register to attend, the webinars from banner adverts and sponsored posts on Engineering News and Mining Weekly’s websites.


While our webinar platform is able to host a maximum of 100 attendees, we have an average registration number
of 239 people who are interested in attending our niche webinars. The webinars enjoy an average of 75 maximum concurrent views – the maximum number of online viewers at the same time during the webinar, excluding panellists.


The webinars are also streamed live to our YouTube channels, and clock an average 164 views.


Recent Webinars hosted by Creamer Media Contract Publishing

  • International Zinc Association’s Essentials of Galvanizing
  • Chemical Investigation Services’ Essentials of Stainless Steel
  • International Zinc Association’s Continuous Galvanizing
  • African Source Markets’ Future scenarios for South African Coal – Exports and Eskom
  • MISTRA’s 5th Annual PGM Roundtable



Below, an outline of Creamer Media Contract Publishing’s basic webinar offering. Please note that through discussions the package could possibly be adjusted to suit your needs.



  1. Invitations & Attendees
  • Setting up of webinar registration pages in Zoom to allow for registrations. 100 attendees, with additional attendees being directed to a live streaming of the webinars on YouTube
    • Reminder emails will be sent to those registered 1 week; 1 day; and 1 hour before each webinar
  • Email the invitation to the identified contacts on a set date, as agreed upon with participating company;
  • The event will be promoted through Creamer Media’s titles (refer to below advertising schedule).


     2. Webinar proceedings

  • Have a journalist present at the event to report on the event;
  • Write and publish an article on the event proceedings to be published on Engineering News Online;
  • Make a host available to run proceedings of the webinar;
  • Develop a script for the webinar.



  1. Invitations & Attendees
  • If required, provide Creamer Media with a detailed, full contact list of clients and prospective clients identified to attend the event;
  • The advertising campaign on Creamer Media’s platforms will assist in generating additional interest.


     2. Event proceedings

  • Assist with the setting up of the agenda / script for the webinar to ensure that the desired content is presented in the webinar;
  • Recommendations for the master of ceremonies, guest speakers and participating company representatives to attend the webinar must be provided;
    • Creamer Media can assist in this regard – should it not the need be required (further discussions required).



At the time of acceptance of the proposal Creamer Media will work on a timetable of key dates and deadlines that will have to be adhered to by both parties.


For a list of available advertising options and sizes, please download the 2021 Webinars Rate Card from the PDF download button in the top-right hand corner of this page.


If your company is based outside of the borders of South Africa, please contact our advertising department for a copy of the US Dollar-based international rate card. Please contact +2177 622 3744 (ext 227) or email advertising@creamermedia.co.za



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