About Webinars

Creamer Media Contract Publishing partners partners with and assists companies to manage and host webinars.


Creamer Media Contract Publishing boasts an average 49% attendance rate on the webinars it hosts. Attendees tend to stay in, on average, 96% of the overall session.


Most attendees hear about, and subsequently register to attend, the webinars from banner adverts and sponsored posts on Engineering News & Mining Weekly’s websites.


The webinars are also streamed live to our YouTube channels.


Some of the companies that have made use of Creamer Media’s webinar services

  • African Source Markets
  • International Zinc Association
  • Chemical Investigation Services
  • Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA)
  • Oracle Construction and Engineering
  • Construction Alliance South Africa (CASA)
  • EnviroServ Waste Management
  • Pinsent Masons


Creamer Media’s Commitment

  • Registration page: Scheduling up the webinar and registration pages in Zoom. Reminder emails are sent 1 week; 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar start.
  • Marketing: A marketing campaign in Engineering News & Mining Weekly – both print and online, as well as on our social media platforms. A dedicated mailer will also be designed and sent to Creamer Media’s B2B Emailing Channel database.
  • No specific number of registrations or attendees the webinars can be guaranteed
  • Reporting: A journalist will be present during the webinar to ensure for post-event reporting.
  • Webinar hosting: A Creamer Media representative can act as host of the webinar to ‘run’ proceedings and assist speakers with the sharing of presentations, if required. Other representatives of Creamer Media will be in the back- ground to monitor the question-and-answer and chat functionalities. Creamer Media will also work on a script for the webinar. A dress rehearsal session will also be set up a few days prior to the event.


The Participating Company to assist with:

  • Marketing: Assist Creamer Media with the promotion of the webinar to its client database to ensure that identified clients are made aware of the event
  • Theme: Assist with a theme or topic for the webinar
  • Speakers: Identifying potential speakers / panellists to participate in the webinar
  • Date and time: Securing your preferred date and time in the coming weeks


Webinar Proceedings

  • The webinar will be hosted through Creamer Media Contract Publishing’s Zoom account.
  • The account can host up to 1 000 attendees. Overflow attendees will be directed to YouTube where the webinar will be broadcast live.
  • The webinar will be recorded and an edited version of the webinar will be sent to all those that have registered to attend the webinar. The video will also be published on Creamer Media’s websites and the participating company can make use of the video for future promotions.
  • All technical aspects of the webinar will be managed by Creamer Media Contract Publishing.



For a list of available advertising options and sizes, please download the 2022 Webinars Rate Card from the PDF download button in the top-right hand corner of this page.




If your company is based outside of the borders of South Africa, please contact our advertising department for a copy of the US Dollar-based international rate card. Please contact +2177 622 3744 (ext 227) or email [email protected]



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