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Engineering News Online provides real time news reportage through originated written, video and audio material. Readers may choose to visit the free-to-air aspects of the site, may register for a daily email newsletter, and may choose to subscribe to the site’s full search function back copy archive and projects browser.A mobile version of Engineering News Online is available at and apps are available for iPhone, Android and wearable devices.


The average number of weekly unique browsers and weekly page impressions measured across Engineering News Online’s online platforms:

Unique browsers: 86 929

Page Impressions: 157 621


Social Media:

Twitter: 17 511 followers

Facebook: 9 127 followers

LinkedIn: 1 901 Recently launched

Instagram: 1 863 subscribers


Multiple platforms:

Desktop: 70 511 weekly browsers

Mobile: 12 982 weekly browsers

Email newsletters: 19 184 weekly opens

Apps: 3 436 weekly sessions





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Advertising on Engineering News Online is an effective way to build and consolidate a company’s profile among clients and prospective clients.


Advertisers can choose from a number of advertising packages through which their branding, products and services can be exposed to the Engineering News Online readership.


Companies can choose to advertise on the website, iPhone and Android apps, mobile site or on a daily email newsletter, sent to over 70 000 daily recipients.


Advertisers are guaranteed a minimum number of ad-views during the course of their selected campaign and the statistics can be monitored, in real time, through the Creamer Media's Ad Centre.

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Engineering News Online is a member site of the IAB & website statistics are monitored by Effective Measure.


Some of the key online statistics:


Mobi - 12 982 unique weekly browsers

Apps - 3 436 weekly sessions

Desktop - 70 511 unique weekly browsers

Newsletters: 19 184 opens, weekly

Total online readership – 86 929 unique browsers

Page Impressions: 157 621

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Industrial and management as well as key decision makers in the public and private sectors.


Engineering News has a total readership of 134 582 people per week.


The Engineering News & Mining weekly print magazine is read by 65 910 people per week – calculated based on a pass-on readership of 6 readers per copy.


Engineering News Online is read by 86 926 people per week.



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