online quick links is a leading provider of global mining news, publishing regional email newsletters for Africa, Australasia, an the Americas, while a daily Global edition is also sent. A mobile version of is available at and apps are available for iPhone, Android and wearable devices.


The average number of weekly unique browsers and weekly page impressions measured across platforms:

Unique browsers: 48 204

Page Impressions: 119 920


Social Media:

Twitter: 143 790 followers

Facebook: 11 893followers

LinkedIn: 2 056 Recently launched

Instagram: 1 863 subscribers


Multiple platforms:

Desktop: 35 536 weekly browsers

Mobile: 9 749 weekly browsers

Email newsletters: 17 170 weekly opens

Apps: 2 919 weekly sessions





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Advertisers can choose from a number of advertising packages through which their branding, products and services can be exposed to the global readership.


A combination of print & online advertising gives advertisers the widest reach & the biggest impact. This is because 85% of’s online readers do not read the print magazine. Therefore, the optimal marketing solution requires a combination of print & online advertising with Mining Weekly. Advertising with both the print & online versions of Mining Weekly will ensure a much wider reach than what can be achieved by restricting a company’s marketing efforts to a single medium.


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Read More is a member site of the IAB and website statistics are monitored by Effective Measure.


Some of the key online statistics:


Mobi - 9 749 unique weekly browsers

Apps - 2 919 weekly sessions

Desktop - 35 536 unique weekly browsers

Newsletters: 17 170 opens, weekly

Total online readership – 48 204 unique browsers

Page Impressions: 119 920



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Industrial and mine management as well as key decision makers in the public and private sectors.


Mining Weekly has a total readership of 94 368 people per week.


The Engineering News & Mining Weekly print magazine is read by 56 286 people per week – calculated based on a pass-on readership of 5 readers per copy. is read by 48 204 people per week.


10 122 People read both the magazine & the website

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