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Polity, accessible at www.polity.org.za, offers free access to South African legislation, policy documents and daily political news. Original video and podcast material are hosted on the site, including in-depth interviews with some of South Africa’s leading opinion makers. Regular columnists and guest writers offer analysis of current events, as Polity advances its mission of deepening democracy through access to information.


Polity also provides a platform for South African law firms to showcase their expertise through a ‘Legal Briefs’ section where top lawyers can publish their opinion and research. Each week, over 68 041 page impressions are generated by 48 563 online readers. Readers may also choose to subscribe to the daily email newsletter – sent to over 29 900 subscribers. A mobile version of Polity

is available at m.polity.org.za and Polity Apps are also available for iPhones, Android and wearable devices.


The average number of weekly unique browsers and weekly page impressions measured across Polity’s online platforms:

Unique browsers: 48 563

Page Impressions: 68 041


Social Media:

Twitter: 8 100 followers

Facebook: 2 400 followers

LinkedIn: 140 followers




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Advertising on Polity.org.za is an effective way to build and consolidate a company’s profile among clients and prospective clients.


Companies can choose to advertise on the website or on the daily email newsletter, sent to over 30 000 daily recipients.


Polity.org.za has readers in a wide range of sectors.  Advertising in Polity.org.za will expose your company’s products and services to numerous industries, opening doors to new opportunities.

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A mobile version of Polity is available at m.polity.org.za and Polity Apps are also available for iPhones and for Android devices.


Some of the key online statistics:


Mobi - 22 337 unique weekly browsers

Apps - 412 weekly sessions

Desktop - 25 815 unique weekly browsers

Newsletters: 19 328 readers / opens, weekly

Total online readership – 48 563 unique browsers

Page Impressions: 68 041



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Users of Polity.org.za include policy makers, lawyers, researchers and those seeking to stay on top of South Africa’s political scene.


Most readers use Polity.org.za to obtain daily news, access to legislation and policy documents.  It is important to note that 84% of readers are aware of the advertisements on Polity.org.za.


The website is a convenient portal for those wishing to find out more about legal and policy issues.

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