Consent to process information


Those who provide personal and/or company information (“information providers”), voluntarily consent to, and authorise, Creamer Media’s processing of such information including names, credit card and banking details, email, postal and physical addresses and telephone numbers, in accordance with the purposes for which the information was given or activity associated with such purposes.


Such consent is effective immediately and will endure until the relationship with Creamer Media has been terminated specifically and in writing. Information providers expressly consent to the processing of such information for marketing purposes and acknowledge and agree that they may receive marketing materials in the form of newsletters, sms’s, emails and the like from Creamer Media.


Information providers expressly consent to the processing of such information by Creamer Media and/or its service providers on Creamer Media’s behalf inside or outside South Africa. Information providers have the right to know what of the information provider’s personal and company information is being kept by Creamer Media and how such information is being used.


Creamer Media endeavours to keep such information up to date, should any details change information providers should please notify Creamer Media by email to [email protected] of same so that Creamer Media’s records can be maintained as accurately as possible. A copy of Creamer Media’s Privacy Policy is available at


Information providers may revoke their consent given to Creamer Media in terms of this form at any time. Such revocation should be emailed to [email protected] and should be addressed to Creamer Media’s CEO. Revoked consent is not retroactive and will not affect disclosures of your information already made.

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