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For further information, questions or comments regarding the listed advertising terms &/or policy, please contact our advertising department on +2711 622 3744 or email [email protected]



Advertising Terms and Conditions

Advertising Policy

  • Creamer Media distances and disassociates itself from all unscrupulous and offensive remarks, bad language, jokes, slander, messages which wrongfully belittle, undermine or smear any race, creed, belief or person.
  • Creamer Media does not carry advertising that includes nudity, near nudity or which is deemed to be offensive in any way – at the discretion of the publisher.
  • Creamer Media does not guarantee that advertisers have rights over the copyright or intellectual property, which they purport to assert in published adverts and Creamer Media may not be held liable for any breach of such copyright or intellectual property rights.
  • To uphold the editorial integrity of Creamer Media’s publications, the placement of adverts and publication of editorial are treated separately. No advertisement placement can be seen as a confirmation of any editorial coverage.


Booking Instructions

  • All booking instructions must be made in writing. A signed Order Authorisation, Copy Instruction or formal Purchase Order will be accepted.
  • Should both a signed Order Authorisation and Copy Instruction be received, the details on the Order Authorisation will be binding.
  • No special or specific positions, such as right-hand page placements, can be guaranteed, unless a loading fee of up to 25% are added to the agreed advertising charges.


Payment Terms

  • In the event of an account handed over to attorneys for debt collecting, the advertiser will be liable for any legal costs, including collection charges. Any such deposits will be subject to prosecution in the South African courts.



  • Print and online advert placements: Written cancellations much be submitted at least 45 days prior to the Friday publication date.
  • Webinars or live online events: No cancellation will be accepted once the marketing and advertising of the event has commenced.
  • Contract Publishing items: No cancellation will be accepted once work has commenced.


Advertising Material

  • All advertising material or elements must be received in electronic format. A production charge will apply for any work required on advert material.
  • Any late submission of material – too late for publication purposes – will still be charged for at the rate agreed upon.
  • Print advertising: Creamer Media will not be held responsible for slight variations in colour as a result of the printing process.
  • Online advertising: The file size of advert material may not exceed 100K


Online Advertising

  • All campaign guarantees relate to the full package and no guarantees can be given for any specific position.
  • A minimum number of advert impressions will be guaranteed– as recorded by Creamer Media’s Ad Server.
  • No number of click-throughs or traffic to the advertiser’s site will be guaranteed and, due to the inaccurate nature of the monitoring of clicks, no information on the number of clicks will be provided.
  • Advertisers wishing to monitor traffic generated from any advertisement must supply Creamer Media with a unique URL that will allow the advertiser to source such statistics through its own platforms.



Company Video Terms and Conditions



  • Once confirmation of the Company Video order is received, the final filming date will be confirmed.
  • Creamer Media’s marketing staff writer will compile a set of questions that will form part of the filming of the video.
    • These questions must be answered in full before the scheduled filming date. The same questions will form part of the on-camera interviews and will also be used to compile an article that will accompany the Company Video on Creamer Media’s websites. Some sections of the on-camera interviews will be used as voice-over during the display of additional b-roll footage being filmed.
  • Where necessary, the profiled company will be required to assist with the compilation of the set of questions to ensure that the key facts are recorded.
  • A draft script of the voice-over element of the video will be sent to the client for approval. One set of consolidated changes must be submitted within 48 hours.
    • It is important to note that, at this time, only changes to the voice-over can be made, and no changes to the on- camera interview. The interviewee must be permitted to speak on record.
  • All suggested script changes will be made, and a final copy of the Company Video will be sent to the profiled company for sign-off. One set of consolidated changes must be submitted within 48 hours.
    • It is important to note that, at this time, no change to the voice-over will be accepted.
    • Once approval is received no further changes to the video will be made.


  • If video footage must be filmed on-site, prearranged access for the Creamer Media production crew must be arranged. If permits &/or safety equipment and clothing are required, these must be taken care of by the profiled company.
  • Where applicable, the production crew must be briefed on the safety precautions and general rules of conduct that apply to the filming site.
  • If certain areas of the factory or proprietary machinery is not permitted to be filmed, this must be clearly communicated to the film crew.
  • All on-camera interviews and filming will be scheduled on the same day. If additional filming days are required, an additional production fee will be charged.
  • The profiled company is responsible for briefing all company employees in preparation for their video interview. It is recommended that the set of questions compiled by Creamer Media be distributed to all participating employees to enable them to be fully prepared.
  • In some instances, the profiled company may provide Creamer Media with additional footage that might be edited into the profile, provided that the quality of the footage is of high standard.
  • a. If only certain sections of the provided footage must be used, clear guidelines and notes must be provided to ensure that the correct sections are used.
  • The Company Video will include names and titles of employees or products. No custom animation sequences will be included in the Company Video.
  • Once filming has taken place, no cancellation of the Company Video will be accepted.
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