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The online research tool, Research Channel Africa, provides intelligence on industry and mining in Southern Africa. Subscribers to Research Channel Africa are able to conduct instant searches through the full Creamer Media news archive, as well as access detailed current reports on industrial and mining projects and sectors.


The Research Channel Africa publishes reports on key industrial and mining sectors. The reports for each sector are typically updated yearly. Reports are well structured and include an overview of the business environment, trends in the sector such as supply and demand, imports and exports, as well as regulatory challenges.
Each report includes up-to-date information on major companies operating in the sector.



The Research Channel Africa tracks the largest industrial and mining projects under development in Africa and the rest of the world, providing an overview of latest project developments as well as contact information. Project information is regularly updated through ongoing interaction by the Research Channel Africa with relevant project managers and contractors. Project information
can be sorted by industry or mining sector, location, value or date.


Mine Profiles
The Research Channel Africa Mine Profile directory provides snapshots of more than 550 South African and international mining operations, including details on each operation’s production level, ownership structure, geology and technology. Contact information for the mine operations is also available. The information is regularly updated through ongoing interaction by the Research Channel Africa with mine management.


A refined search enables the execution of structured database searches of published material. The facility allows users to find articles, project information, mine profiles or research reports using words, phrases and timeframes. Users can also save up to 50 searches for future reference. The search criteria will be maintained, but the content will be updated as searches are undertaken.


Back Copies
The Back Copies section allows access to electronic versions of the print editions of Engineering News and Mining Weekly Articles can be viewed electronically or a PDF format of the complete magazine, including advertisements, can be downloaded.


Country Focus
The Research Channel Africa offers up-to-date snapshots of all countries in Africa, including information on economic, budget and social developments, as well as details on various African industrial and mining projects.


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