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After more than 42 years of business-to-business publishing, Engineering News and Mining Weekly have earned wide respect for consistently providing businesses with information which opens doors to new business opportunities, allows companies to showcase their products, services and branding, and keeps all private- and public-sector participants in the economy at the cutting edge of the constant evolution of the South African and global business environment.


According to recent Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) released figures (April to June 2023), 13 604 copies are circulated and read by 40 481 readers – calculated based on a pass-on readership of 5.25 readers per hard copy circulated.




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Why Print Advertising?


Conscious decision:

Picking up and reading a magazine is a conscious decision by the reader and results in the undivided attention of the reader.


Airport distribution:

Engineering News & Mining Weekly has a controlled circulation at South Africa’s international airports’ business lounges, restaurants, check-in counters and car rental outlets. This distribution offers exposure to a captive audience of both local and international business travellers.


Distinct readership:

Only 50% of Engineering News and Mining Weekly online readers read the print magazine. By only advertising online your marketing message and brand will not be seen by most of the print readership.


Event exposure:

Selected editions of the magazine are distributed at key industrial and mining conferences, thereby ensuring exposure to targeted readers relevant to your industry.

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A combination of print and online readers gives advertisers the widest reach and biggest impact. This is because 66% of the Engineering News Online and Mining combined readership (124 561) do not read the print magazine.


Therefore, the optimal marketing solution requires a combination of print & online advertising with Engineering News & Mining Weekly. Advertising with both the print & online versions of Engineering News & Mining Weekly will ensure a much wider reach than what can be achieved by restricting a company’s marketing efforts to a single medium.


Engineering News & Mining Weekly has a total readership of 122 692 people per week.


  • Print: 40 481
  • Print and online: 42 350
  • Online: 124 561


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Business decision makers, including owners and top managers, in the industrial, mining, engineering, construction, energy and services sectors, as well as policy makers at various levels of the public sector.



While most magazine readers are based in South Africa, hard copies and electronic versions are distributed to an international audience. The largest distribution areas in South Africa are Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.


International Distribution:


Top African Countries:

Zimbabwe; Botswana; Zambia; Namibia; Mozambique; Nigeria; Ghana; Kenya; Lesotho


Rest of the World:

United Kingdom; United States; Australia; Canada; Germany; UAE

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