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Engineering News & Mining Weekly is South Africa’s premier source of weekly real economy news on projects, products, policies, personalities in the industrial, mining, energy and services sectors.


Each week, 10 985 copies are circulated and read by 65 910 readers. In addition to retail sales, postal and hand deliveries to our subscribers, Engineering News & Mining Weekly has a carefully controlled airport and hotel distribution of 5 000 copies per week.


(Average ABC figure for Engineering News & Mining Weekly for January to March 2020)


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From January 2020, Creamer Media has integrated the Engineering News and Mining Weekly print titles into a single, comprehensive weekly print magazine – called Creamer Media’s Engineering News & Mining Weekly.


The integration is Creamer Media’s response to changes in the magazine marketplace and evolving reader habits.


In responses to recent surveys, readers have confirmed that they continue to value and trust Engineering News and Mining Weekly but would prefer the publications to be packaged into a combined weekly publication.


The print consolidation does not affect Engineering News Online and, which remain separate digital platforms.

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During difficult economic times an effective marketing campaign can help to uplift your business, distinguishing you from your competitors and helping you growing your client base.

Well-respected and well-read, Creamer Media’s Engineering News & Mining Weekly provide high impact print and digital platforms for your to communicate with key business decision-makers – the very people that you would like to target with information about your company’s offerings.


Engineering News and Mining Weekly’s print circulations are holding steady, while the circulation numbers of most other magazines are falling sharply.


The weekly frequency of Engineering News & Mining Weekly ensures that the magazine content is current and well read. Research confirms that 79% of readers read a copy of Engineering News & Mining Weekly within 7 days of issue..


Engineering News and Mining Weekly both have large paid-for circulations, the magazines are in demand.


Sponsored Posts on the Engineering News & Mining Weekly websites and in email newsletters, integrated into an online Press Office, sponsored tweets on Twitter and sponsored status updates on Facebook allow companies to control and shape their digital presence in new and exciting ways.

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A combination of print & online advertising gives advertisers the widest reach & the biggest impact. This is because 79% of Engineering News & readers do not read the print magazine.


Therefore, the optimal marketing solution requires a combination of print & online advertising with Engineering News & Mining Weekly. Advertising with both the print & online versions of Engineering News & Mining Weekly will ensure a much wider reach than what can be achieved by restricting a company’s marketing efforts to a single medium.


Engineering News & Mining Weekly has a total readership of 121 228 people per week.


The Engineering News & Mining Weekly print magazine is read by 65 910 people per week – calculated based on a pass-on readership of 6 readers per copy.


Engineering News Online & Mining combined is read by 70 023 people per week.

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The Engineering News & Mining Weekly print magazine has over 63 000 readers each week located in South Africa. While the majority of readers are located in Gauteng (57%), there are significant numbers of readers in Durban (17%), Cape Town (20%) and other parts of the country.


Engineering News & Mining Weekly has a large paid-for circulation. Copies are either hand delivered or posted to subscribers. The magazine also has a controlled circulation through business lounges, car rental outlets and restaurants at South Africa’s international airports in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.


Other noteworthy distribution points:

  • Selected retail outlets (Exclusive Books, Spar and selected CNA stores)
  • JSE-Listed companies
  • Key industrial and mining conference and exhibitions


International reach

Hard copies are posted to selected paid subscribers, while an exact PDF version of the printed magazine is emailed to over 3 000 readers in other African countries.


The monitored distribution of copies at South Africa’s international airports also contributes to a further reach into international markets, as international travellers pick up the magazine at various airport outlets and copies of the magazine are distributed in airport lounges in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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