Virtual Product Showroom


What is Creamer Media’s Product Showroom?

Creamer Media’s Product Showroom is a virtual online platform specifically designed to serve as a key business-to- business communications tool.


  • The online Showroom offers companies the opportunity to communicate directly with a target audience of key industry decision-makers.
  • The online Showroom is ideal for product launches, demonstrations and webinars and companies can invite clients and potential clients to live sessions taking place at particular times. Alternatively, company brochures, videos and other materials will be on permanent display so that they are accessible at any time.
  • To promote the marketing activities and materials in the online Showrooms, companies can use Creamer Media’s Engineering News and Mining Weekly websites and email newsletters, as well as place links from their own corporate website directly to their presence in the online Showroom.

What is included in a Showroom?

Participating companies’ Showroom includes the following information and functionalities:


1. Company name and logo

2. Social Media links

3. Product image

4. Video player (video production excluded)

5. Brochure downloads

6. Contact information and a contact form

7. Press Office link (optional)

8. Website link

9. Video Call button


Enjoy ongoing exposure throughout the year

Showroom participants will enjoy year-long marketing throughout Creamer Media’s platforms to ensure exposure to the Showroom. Marketing will include:


  • Product and company write-ups on the Creamer Media Product Portal newsletter
  • Regular listings under the Featured Showroom section of the Product Portal newsletter
  • Year-long feature as a featured product on the Product Portal page on Engineering News Online
  • Regular posts on the Creamer Media, Engineering News and Mining Weekly social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn



For a list of available advertising options and sizes, please download the 2022 Virtual Product Showroom Rate Card from the PDF download button in the top-right hand corner of this page.


If your company is based outside of the borders of South Africa, please contact our advertising department for a copy of the US Dollar-based international rate card. Please contact +2177 622 3744 (ext 227) or email



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