A weekly Product Portal email newsletter allows companies to communicate information about their latest products that have recently been launched and a virtual showroom in Creamer Media’s ShowroomPlus allows companies to significantly increase their impact on social media.

What is Creamer Media’s ShowroomPlus?

Creamer Media’s ShowroomPlus gives a well-targeted marketing presence across digital, social media and print platforms. Managed by a dedicated team, ShowroomPlus uses a marketing dashboard to guide and prompt high-impact marketing and communications over a sustained period.


ShowroomPlus participants can customise their marketing plans to their specific needs, including:

  • coverage of product launches
  • leadership announcements
  • event promotions
  • CSI initiatives.
  • All content that gets published for ShowroomPlus clients will be uploaded to the ShowroomPlus webpage, from there content can easily be reshared on company websites and via social media.

What is included with in ShowroomPlus?

  1. Company branding
  2. Social media links
  3. Product images
  4. A video player
  5. Company and product brochures
  6. A link to the company’s website
  7. A record of editorial coverage
  8. A record of social media coverage

What is the cost?

Participating companies can secure either a 6- or 12-month month campaign.

  • The total cost for 6 months is R16 900 ex VAT
  • The total cost for 12 months is R29 900 ex VAT
  • As an added benefit! ShowroomPlus participants will receive 25% discount on all additional print, digital and video advertising with the Engineering News and Mining Weekly websites and magazine.


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