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Engineering News Online is read by industrial and management as well as key decision makers in the public and private sectors.


Engineering News Online – an important daily source of African real-economy news – an average of 265 155 page impressions are generated by 58 581 unique visitors.


While the bulk of Engineering News Online visitors are based in South Africa, a significant number of users are drawn from various parts of the world. This reflects Engineering News Online’s growing status as an internationally-regarded window to developments in the Southern African region.

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main business sector
Advertising on Engineering News Online will expose your products & services to decision-makers in numerous industries, opening doors to new business opportunities. Advertisers may choose to advertise to readers from multiple sectors or may choose a sector- specific campaign.
Business sector %
Construction 31
Mining 29
Energy 27
Manufacturing 25
Renewable Energy 22
Electricity 20
Services 17
Transport & Logistics 16
Water 15
Technology and Communication 14


education level of reader
89% of Engineering News Online readers have at least a graduate degree or diploma. 46% of readers are interested in further study opportunities.
Postgraduate degree or diploma 41
Graduate degree or diploma 41
Secondary education 12


job titles of the reader
Over 90% of Engineering News Online readers are over 35 years of age. 72% of readers have over 16 years of experience in their particular field.
Managing Director / Owner / Partner / Chairman 31
Technical Director / Manager / Factory Manager 20
Consultant / Researcher 14
Sales / Marketing / Product Manager 7
General / Commercial / Branch Manager 4
Student 1
Buyer / Purchasing Manager 1
Financial Director / Manager 4
Other 18


decision-making authority
Engineering News Online readers are decision makers with operational & procurement authority.
Capital equipment 65
Spares & supplies 56
Raw materials 40
Telecoms & IT Equipment 47
Advertising & promotion 49


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