John Deere motor graders: pioneering the future of roadwork

14 Sep 2023

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Since its inception, John Deere has been a beacon of innovation and quality in the construction industry. Their motor graders have been instrumental in shaping the landscapes of countless cities and towns. Let's embark on a journey to understand the evolution, current offerings and the technological marvels embedded in these machines.

Historical Evolution
With the inception of the John Deere motor grader in 1967, these machines have undergone numerous transformations, adapting to the changing needs of the construction industry and incorporating the latest technological advancements.

The Modern Fleet of John Deere Motor Graders

Today, John Deere boasts an impressive lineup of motor graders, each tailored to specific needs yet unified by the brand's commitment to excellence.

The 620G/GP, which is a versatile machine with a kilowatt rating of 112 kW to 149 kW and an operating weight of 17 535 kg, is designed for both precision tasks and heavy-duty operations. The 622G/GP, which is slightly more powerful than its predecessor, offers a kilowatt rating of 127 kW to 157 kW and can handle an operating weight of 18 300 kg, making it suitable for a variety of terrains.

The 670G/GP to 872G/GP models represent the pinnacle of John Deere's engineering prowess. With a kilowatt rating of 134 kW to a whopping 209 kW, and operating weights spanning from 18 552 kg to 20 725 kg, these graders are built to tackle the most challenging terrains and tasks.

John Deere believes the future is automation, thus they have invested in providing their customers with equipment offerings with a suite of optional automation features that help protect the machine and simplify repetitive work.

Auto-Shift Plus is a feature designed to optimise the transmission settings of the motor grader. It allows the machine to automatically shift gears based on the engine's RPM and the machine's load. This ensures that the grader operates at peak efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and wear and tear on the engine. Additionally, it provides a smoother operation, reducing the manual input required from the operator and allowing them to focus on precision grading.

Machine Damage Avoidance is a safety feature integrated into John Deere motor graders. It is designed to prevent potential damage to the machine by detecting obstacles or conditions that could harm the equipment. This feature uses sensors and software algorithms to monitor the machine's surroundings and its operational parameters. If a potential threat is detected, the system can alert the operator or even take preventive actions, such as limiting certain movements, to avoid damage.

Auto-Pass is an automation feature that streamlines repetitive tasks. When grading a road or a surface, operators often need to make multiple passes to achieve the desired level and finish. With Auto-Pass, the motor grader can automatically repeat a previously completed pass with precision, ensuring consistency across the entire graded surface. This not only speeds up the grading process but also ensures a consistent finish, reducing the chances of rework.

The Digital Revolution

In today's digital age, merely having a powerful machine is not enough. John Deere recognises this and has integrated JDLink™, its proprietary telematics system, into its motor graders. JDLink™ offers a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Real-time monitoring: Operators and fleet managers can keep an eye on machine health, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs from anywhere, ensuring timely interventions and minimising downtime.
  • Geo-fencing and security: JDLink allows managers to set operational boundaries for their equipment, ensuring they operate within designated zones. This feature not only aids in project management but also adds an extra layer of security against potential theft or misuse.
  • Operational insights: By analysing data from JDLink, companies can identify operational inefficiencies, train operators better, and optimise machine usage, leading to significant cost savings.

Redefining Performance and Minimising Rework

One of the most significant pain points in the construction industry is rework. It is not just about the additional time and resources but also the reputational damage. John Deere's motor graders, with their advanced technology, aim to eliminate this issue. The combination of powerful engines, advanced hydraulics and precision automation ensures that tasks are completed right the first time. This not only leads to satisfied clients but also significant cost savings in the long run. I [email protected] I Customer care: 0800 983 821

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