Magni machines provide highest standard of back-up, support and safety

13 Sep 2022

By: Simone Liedtke

Creamer Media Social Media Editor & Senior Writer

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With “definite signs” of activity picking up, particularly within the mining and green energy spaces, Magni SA CEO Lindsay Shankland says the company’s main focus will remain on offering “the highest standard of back-up and support” to its customers.

Simultaneously, the company will look to increase the presence of its machines across the relevant industries, as well as improve and increase its dealer network in Africa through the appointment of reputable companies “who are able to offer the same standard of support as offered by Magni SA”.

This is critically important, Shankland notes, as the Magni range of machines is used in heavy and industrial industries like mining, construction, green energy, defence, waste, agriculture and general industries.

Within the Magni range of machines, the company boasts the machine with the highest lift capacity in the world, the 50 t HTH50.14, and the highest lift height of 51 m on its RTH6.51 full rotation machine.

Other features on the company’s offering include a warranty of 24 months and unlimited  operating hours, as well as an increased focus on safety, which Shankland notes is “of the utmost importance”.

From a safety perspective, there are both roll over protection (ROPS) system and falling object protection (FOPS) system cabs on all machines. The cabs are pressurized, fitted with air conditioners and designed for maximum safety and comfort.

The Magni machines are also fitted with the radio frequency identification, or RFID, automatic attachment recognition system which resets the safety parameters of the machine automatically when a new attachment is  fitted to the machine,  he explains.

 He further adds that Magni’s machines are also fitted with a load moment indicator which, if an overload occurs, automatically stops the lifting operation immediately, meaning the operator must retract the boom fully before operating again.

The Magni machines can be safely operated remotely using a remote control, and also provide integrated diagnostics that allow for remote assistance.

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