Mining’s shift highlighted in SmartMine IoT

24 May 2024

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With the advent of Industry 5.0, which will be characterised by the fusion of digital technologies, data analytics and automation, mining and industrial consultant Schauenburg Systems asserts that the mining industry is experiencing a profound shift towards digitalisation.

Industry 5.0 heralds a new era for mining, marked by the convergence of physical and digital space. Advanced sensor technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and real-time data analytics are transforming traditional mining processes, with Schauenburg’s SmartMine IoT platform said to be particularly transformative.

The SmartMine IoT platform’s open architecture software leverages data-driven insights for smarter solutions and informed decision-making, ensuring a safer and productive future, highlights Schauenburg Systems smartmine platform solutions head Kevin Schlorke.

The company highlights that its “powerful, scalable, and rugged Industry 5.0 IoT enterprise software platform” is capable of processing and controlling data in real time, directly at the source. It adds that this capability ensures that information is processed swiftly wherever it is needed, thereby optimising operational responsiveness and efficiency.

Schlorke adds that the SmartMine platform is not just about technology, but also about enabling safer, more productive and sustainable mining operations. “By integrating IoT into everyday mining processes, we are setting new standards in the industry,” he says.

SmartMine IoT encompasses several components, each designed to address specific operational challenges in mining. One of the “standout features” of the platform is the focus on safety through collision avoidance systems, where the technology employs Level 9 collision prevention technology, which is key in mitigating incidents and reducing the occurrence of injuries and fatalities. This system provides near real-time data processing and advanced algorithms, offering a comprehensive view of collision prevention systems’ data insights.

“The integration of real-time data and predictive analysis allows us to foresee potential safety issues before they escalate into serious incidents,” Schlorke explains.

The Connected Worker Ecosystem and SmartMine IoT from Schauenburg Systems work together to enhance mining operations. Further, they enable real-time connectivity and enhance safety for workers and, by using operational data to create actionable insights, helps improve decision-making and efficiency.

Beyond safety, SmartMine IoT also increases operational efficiency and productivity. The Lamp Room Asset Management Solution (LAMS), for example, integrates seamlessly with existing mining systems, offering features such as customisable alerts, data logging, and predictive maintenance to address issues related to access control and asset management.

A key benefit for SmartMine IoT is its contribution to sustainable mining practices. By providing data-driven insights and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, the system helps mining companies mitigate risks and protect personnel and assets as well as achieve long-term sustainability.

Edited by Nadine James
Features Deputy Editor