Slicing Through Inefficiencies: Cutting Plant Downtime with the Victaulic Knife Gate Valve

30 May 2024

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Victaulic is known for its forward-thinking approach when designing innovative products that enable customers to realize real savings in downtime and costs. With the introduction of their unprecedented Knife Gate Valve design, Victaulic has once again put the customer’s need for faster, more efficient maintenance practices at the center of development.  

Piping system maintenance is an essential and unavoidable practice in mining operations around the world and it commands a significant amount of resources both in terms of pure cost and the time of maintenance crews on the ground. The South African mining market, with its unforgiving climate and remotely-located mine sites, understands the impact of increased elemental wear-and-tear on piping infrastructure, and the higher maintenance costs and overall investment required to keep remote plants operational and lucrative. Improving maintenance efficiency and reducing the costs associated with piping system maintenance has a direct impact on productivity and ultimately the bottom line.  

The Victaulic Knife Gate Valve is the first of its kind. Unlike all other valves on the market today, the Victaulic Knife Gate Valve can be maintained in-line without having to disconnect the valve from the line and drag it to the workshop for repair or rebuild. The design of the Victaulic Valve makes in-line maintenance possible by consolidating all wear components on the valve into a single cartridge kit that can be easily removed and replaced in minutes. 

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