Lion Alcoblow ® - High speed breathalyzer

The Lion AlcoBlow ® is a state of the art high speed testing breathalyzer. The instrument of choice for entrance points. Thousands of these units are already in operation at mines and depots across South Africa and Africa. Capable of testing 6 people per minute. Requires no mouth pieces. Only needs calibration once a year. Within seconds a beep tone indicates whether the sample taken contains alcohol.


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Clarifying the role of breathalyser results in employee dismissals: Dispelling misconceptions to ensure workplace safety 
06 Sep 2023

By Rhys Evans, MD at ALCO-Safe Recent media coverage on the Samancor Chrome Ltd v Willemse dispute may have created a false impression that breathalyser results alone cannot be used to dismiss an... 

ALCO-Safe partners with Ultimate Resurgence to localise supply and repair of Lion breathalyser equipment in Ghana
19 Aug 2019

ALCO-Safe, supplier of drug and alcohol testing equipment and accessories throughout Africa, has partnered with Ultimate Resurgence to localise the supply, calibration and repair of Lion...