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 Engineering News is South Africa’s premier source of weekly real economy news on projects, products, policies, personalities & technoeconomic progress, covering a wide range of industries – from agropro-cessing to information technology – mainly in South & Southern Africa.

Each week, 11 324 copies are circulated and read by 63 414 readers. (ABC figure of April to June 2017)


Engineering News has a total readership of 107 936 people per week. The Engineering News print magazine is read by 63 414 people per week – calculated based on a pass-on readership of 5.6 readers per copy. Engineering News Online is read by 58 581 people per week.


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Each week, in-depth coverage of specially selected industry sectors, products and services are published according to an annual features schedule.


A combination of print & online advertising gives advertisers the widest reach & the biggest impact. This is because 76% of Engineering News Online readers do not read the Engineering News print magazine.


Therefore, the optimal marketing solution requires a combination of print & online advertising with Engineering News.

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Engineering News is a guaranteed medium for brand-building and also has a record of generating direct response for advertisers.


Many advertisers report that advertising in Engineering News has been integral to their business success and some advertisers have advertised in the magazine since its inception in 1981.


Advertisers can choose from a number of advertising packages through which their branding, products and services can be exposed to the Engineering News readership.

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Each week, 11 324 copies are circulated and read by 63 414 readers. (ABC figure of April to June 2017).  Engineering News can also now be downloaded on the Apple iPad and Android devices. All articles appearing in the print magazine is laid-out in a magazine-type format and now also available in an e-Magazine format.


The optimal marketing solution for communicating with South Africa’s key real economy decision-makers requires a combination of print and online advertising with Engineering News.

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While being mainly concentrated in Gauteng, Engineering News readers are spread throughout South Africa. Engineering News has over 3 892 weekly readers outside of South Africa.


The foreign readers are spread throughout various countries, including:


Africa: Botswana; DRC; Ghana; Kenya; Lesotho; Malawi; Mozambique; Namibia; Nigeria; Swaziland; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe


International: Australia; Canada; China; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; India; Italy; Japan; Mauritius; UAE; United Kindgom; United States

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