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Engineering News is a well-proven vehicle for companies wishing to communicate their products and services into the South and Southern African market. 


A combination of print & online advertising gives advertisers the widest reach & the biggest impact. This is because 76% of Engineering News Online readers do not read the Engineering News print magazine.


Therefore, the optimal marketing solution requires a combination of print & online advertising with Engineering News. Advertising with both the print & online versions of Engineering News will ensure a much wider reach than what can be achieved by restricting a company’s marketing efforts to a single medium.



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63% of readers read selected articles, while 33% read most articles. The size of Engineering News is indicative of the high demand for advertising space, which proves that advertisers view Engineering News as an effective vehicle for communicating their products & services.
Read selected articles 63
Read most articles 33


79% of readers read a copy of Engineering News within 7 days of issue. Any advertisement, editorial or special feature article will be exposed to almost all readers within a few days of publication.
Less than 3 days ago 57
4 – 7 days ago 22
More than 4 weeks ago 10
8 – 14 days ago 7
2 – 4 weeks agaon 4


information needs
Most readers use Engineering News to obtain news on their particular industries, project news, as well as technology & progress updates.
News on particular industry 81
Technology and progress updates 76
Project News 69
Company News 66
Research on particular industries 61
Product News 54
Business leaders and personalities 50
News about polity developments 45
Columnists and opinion 43


In a typical 6-week period, 61% of readers read every issue of Engineering News. This implies a high percentage of readers are constantly obtaining information from the magazines & would be exposed to follow-up news & advertisements.
All six issues 61
Five out of six issues 15
Four out of six issues 10
One out of six issues 6
Three out of six issues 3
Two out of six issues 3


Readers were asked to score Engineering News against selected attributes on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 indicated very poor and 10-excellent. The average scores are given below:
Credibility & Integrity 8
Professional presentation 8
Coverage of industrial news 8
Accuracy of technical content 9
Quality of editorial comment 9
Foremost with the news 9
News about personalities 9
Authoritative within industrial sector 9
Product news 8
Relevant & Good quality advertising 8
Relevant to reader's job function 10


importance of brand image
Readers were asked whether they agree with certain statements regarding brand image and advertising.
Advertising is a key means of building brand awareness 97
Advertising improves a company's reach into new markets 94
Advertising assists me in making my purchasing decisions 70


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