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2011 South Africa's Water sector (PDF Report)


The United Nations General Assembly declared access to clean water and sanitation a human right in July 2010, thus, there is an urgent need to improve how water resources are developed and managed as a way to promote growth and lessen poverty while, at the same time, ensuring environmental sustainability. Implementing this right will be a particular challenge in Africa where a large percentage of the population live in water-deprived areas. In South Africa, water-management areas are already experiencing water deficits, such as those in the Western Cape; ecosystems and water resources are under pressure by various users; and available resources and appropriate water resources are being affected by decreasing water quality, which, in turn, affects net availability.


Published on: 20 July 2011.



List of abbreviations 1

Key developments 2

Water: A global perspective 3–5

Water in Africa 6–8

  • Progress made by African governments
  • Progress in drinking water and sanitation targets

Water in South Africa 9–20

  • Water quality and availability
    • Water quality
      • Blue Drop certification
      • Green Drop certification
    • Water availability
  • Water supply and sanitation
    • Access to basic water supply infrastructure
    • Access to basic sanitation infrastructure
  • Water infrastructure
  • Water pricing
  • Water demand management and conservation
  • Water and climate change

Conclusion 21

Main sources 22–24

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